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Our Story

The Hynes' Family were hard working people within the community & loved a social drink. None of them were shy to give their opinion on a social occasion, which always resulted in an interesting story! Our pub is dedicated to them, and all those who enjoy meeting up with friends to swap stories, eat homely food and appreciate the perfect pint of Guinness.

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Granny Hynes

One winters eve back in Galway, Ireland...

Granny Hynes: William, is there a time difference between Vancouver and Ireland?

William: There's an 8 hour time difference. Which means it's 12 o clock in the afternoon there and 8 o clock in the evening here.

Granny Hynes: Well isn't that something? They're over there working and we're over here drinking brandy!

Cheers to you, Granny Hynes. 

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